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USA Niagara Falls State Park (FREE): There’s no closer place to feel Niagara’s flow!

Niagara Falls State Park Vacation Get Closer to Niagara! A North American natural wonder, Niagara Falls flows with scenic might through Niagara Falls State Park. And just beyond its waterfall vistas, Niagara is filled with splendid discoveries and fantastic attractions. Pictures are great, but getting close enough to touch Niagara Falls inspires genuine awe. Millions of gallons of water rocket over Niagara Falls every minute – about 750,000 gallons each … Read more »

Sanborn Lewiston Farm Museum – Niagara USA (FREE)

History of Sanborn, New York Originally Sanborn was called South Pekin, owing to its location near another village, Pekin, north of the present site of Sanborn. In 1846 the Reverend E. C. Sanborn came to the area. The village was named “Sanborn” when his son, Lee Sanborn, was made the Postmaster. Early Sanborn had a sawmill, a gristmill and a cheese factory among other businesses as indicated in this 1876 … Read more »

Ransomville Historical Museum – Niagara USA (FREE)

The Historical Room features artifacts from the Ransomville Hamlet. Features a post office display, soldiers from the area from WWI to modern day as well as many other exhibits. Historical items of Ransomville are on display. Open every Saturday from 2 – 4 pm and by appointment. Located behind the Ransomville Free Library. Admission: Free Address: 3733 Ransomville Road, Ransomville, NY 14131 Phone: (716) 791-4073 or (716) 791-4494

New York State Erie Canal Museum At Locks 34 & 35 (FREE)

Nostalgic black and white photos of the early days are housed in this former Barge Canal powerhouse. Seen on the left, Locks 34 and 35 are “siamese twins”, where the upper door of Lock 34 is also the lower door of Lock 35. On the right is a set of 5 old locks from the previous canal, which are now used only as the spillway. For the braver boaters, there’s … Read more »