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Olcott Beach Carousel Park – New York State (25 cents a ride)

On the south shore of Lake Ontario in N.Y. State, you’ll discover the quaint Hamlet of Olcott Beach. In the shadow of Olcott’s famous Lighthouse is a wonderful vintage amusement park. It features a 1928 style Hershell-Spillman two row carousel. Five vintage kiddie rides, and a wonderful 1931 Wurlitzer band organ. Come relive fond memories as your children and grandchildren scream in delight and giggle with laughter! About Olcott Beach … Read more »

Sherkston Shores – RV Beach Resort, Campground & Cottages in Niagara

Sherkston Shores is more than a vacation resort. It’s a place where neighbours become friends, friends are like family and families make memories that last a lifetime. Read more »

Niagara Beaches Summer Swim Guide – Enjoy a day of swimming and relaxation

Let’s enjoy the nice beaches around the Niagara region and nearby along the shores of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie luring vacationers for a day of swimming and relaxation. Read more »

Crystal Beach – Natural beauty, specialty shopping, white sand beaches & colourful history (FREE)

Historically known as a tourism mecca made famous in the late 1800’s by its boardwalks, bathhouses, majestic hotels, and a seemingly endless throngs of ferry passengers, Crystal Beach enjoyed a reputation as a destination like no other. Roller-coasters, big band concerts, dancehalls, white sand beaches, and luxurious restaurants all combined to create a romantic and exciting atmosphere which would go unrivaled for almost a century. On Labour Day, 1989, Crystal … Read more »