Niagara History & Culture

Niagara Region Overview - An important centre for agriculture and tourism in Canada

About Niagara Region The Niagara region is located in southern Ontario, Canada, between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Niagara has a total area of 1,852 km2 with a population of 427,421. As a municipal government, the Niagara Region is made up of 30 representatives from the 12 area municipalities.   NIAGARA FALLS Niagara Falls best known for the majestic falls and all the surrounding beauty of the parks and its manicured gardens … Read more »

Fossils found proves Niagara was the bottom of an ancient tropical sea

The Ancient Seas of Niagara It is said that the Earth was created 4,600 million years ago. Ever since that time, the forces of nature have been masterfully creating an artwork of ever changing landscape and seascape known as Niagara. Eons ago, the Niagara area the bottom of an ancient tropical salt water sea. Ancient specimens are being found today deep under the soils of Niagara that are still today … Read more »

Niagara Falls Geology Facts & Figures (History & Future)

How High is the Falls? How fast is the water? Here are some of the numbers… The Niagara River is about 58 kilometres (36 mi.) in length and is the natural outlet from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. The elevation between the two lakes is about 99 metres (326 ft.), half occurring at the Falls themselves. The total area drained by the Niagara River is approximately 684,000 square kilometres (264,000 … Read more »

Niagara Escarpment - One of the world's unique natural wonders (FREE)

Niagara Escarpment The Niagara Escarpment begins in Watertown New York, USA and continues westerly along the Manitoulin Island in the Province of Ontario, Canada. It continues through Wisconsin and Illinios. It is 1,609 kilometers in length and is the weathered edge of a very ancient sea bottom. Throughout its length from Hamilton, Ontario to Watertown, New York the escarpment ranges from 183 meters (600 feet) above sea level to 189 … Read more »

A History about Niagara Falls THE SCOW (SAND BARGE) & THE SUBCHASER

THE SCOW (SAND BARGE) At about 3 p.m. on the afternoon of Tuesday August 6th 1918, a steel copper bottomed sand scow (barge) was engaged in dredging operation in the fast currents on the American side of the Niagara River opposite Port Day at the entrance of the Niagara Falls Power Company hydraulic canal. The scow was being towed by the tug boat – “Hassayampa” being operated by Captain John … Read more »

Big Screen Tuesdays at Niagara Falls Public Library (FREE)

Popular movies are shown on various Tuesday evenings in the LaMarsh Room at the Victoria Avenue Library, and in the Meeting Room at the Chippawa Branch. Typically these are pre-DVD release movies, and we attempt to cover a wide range of titles in order to accommodate all of our borrowers’ tastes. Please note: Pre-release movie titles can be subject to change. Screenings begin at 7pm. LaMarsh Room Victoria Avenue Library: 4848 … Read more »

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