Niagara Falls Attractions Price List (NIAGARA FALLS STATE PARK)

This list is provided for your convenience. Plan your attraction itinerary wisely and cost effectively. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Niagara Reservation State Park 


Price in US Currency


Prospect Point Observation Tower Adults $1.00 – Children $1.00 Year Round
Cave of the Winds Adults $11.00  Children $8.00 Seasonal
Adventure Theater (Visitor Center)
Niagara: Legends of Adventure
Adults $11.00 – Children $7.50 Year Round
Discovery Center Adults $3.00 – Children $1.50 Seasonal
Niagara Falls Aquarium Adults $10.00 – Children $6.00 Year Round
Niagara Scenic Trolley Adults $2.00 – Children $1.00 Seasonal
Maid of the Mist Adults $15.50 – Children $9.00 Seasonal
Niagara Reservation State Park Information – Telephone (716) 278-1796 – Children Under 5 years are free.

Niagara Falls USA Discovery Pass – Adults $49.50 US, Children $31.85 US, Children Under 5 Free
includes all day transportation and 5 attractions:

-Maid of the Mist
-Cave of the Winds
-Prospect Point Observation Tower
-Niagara Falls Aquarium
-Niagara Legends of Niagara Theater