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Introduction to People Getting Started in Niagara - Living in Niagara Report

Each new child, graduate, and immigrant in Niagara is an important part of our community. Our ability to help with support and resources for these individuals to get started on a stable course will have a significant impact on the future vitality of our region. The presence of child care and supports for new parents; the availability of jobs for new graduates; and programming to welcome and help new immigrants … Read more »

Niagara Falls Settlement Services: Helping newcomers make Canada home

There are many organizations in Niagara Region that can help you when you arrive, depending on where you are moving to. The following multicultural centres can help you find the information and resources you need and help you make Niagara you new home. When choosing a multicultural centre to visit, it’s important to remember that Niagara Region is large and not fully accessible by public transit, so you may need … Read more »

Niagara Falls was chosen by Sun Media readers as the best overall tourist attraction in Canada

We polled Sun Media readers across the country, asking them to chose the top tourist attractions in each Canadian province and territory. After the results of provincial voting were revealed, we asked our readers to vote on the provincial winners to determine the ultimate, number one tourist attraction across the entire country. After nearly 5,000 votes, we can now reveal the top tourist attraction in Canada, as chosen by Sun … Read more »

Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre - Vital settlement services to newcomers

Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre is a community based non-profit charitable organization whose team of professional staff and volunteers provide vital settlement services to newcomers as they strive to create a rewarding life in Canada. It was incorporated as the Folk Arts Council of St. Catharines in 1970, having the mandate to support and assist the ethno-cultural and newcomer community in Niagara through a broad range of programs and services. Niagara Folk … Read more »

Niagara Parent Resources and Counselling Services to Protect, Support and Strengthen The Lives of Children

Parenting can be both a joyful and a frustrating roller coaster ride! The support of other parents, community professionals and a variety of resources can provide relief and enrichment to the experience. If you are a parent or caregiver looking for opportunities to connect with others, we can help with that. Family and Children’s Services offers a wide array of community programs and resources open to everyone in the community. … Read more »

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