Enjoy 50+ FREE Attractions in Niagara Falls and Region

FREE Attractions Niagara Falls

Here we provide you with a full list of 50+ must to see attractions around  Niagara Falls. Believe it or not! They are totally free of charge.

The Niagara Peninsula is nestled between the south shore of Lake Ontario and the north shore of Lake Erie. It boasts freshwater swimming, marinas, fruit farms, wineries, the Niagara Escarpment, parks and conservation areas great for hiking and biking. Did we also mention its home to Niagara Falls!  Exploring the parks and lakes in Niagara are beautiful and can be all seen and enjoyed for free.  It’s no wonder there are so many things to do here in Niagara, but did you know there are many free things to do and in Niagara Falls and the entire Niagara Region? Hope the following list can help you explore the beauty of Niagara Falls and save the cost.


  • Niagara Falls (FREE)
  • Dufferin Islands (FREE)
  • The Niagara Parkway (FREE)
  • Niagara Glen & Whirlpool (FREE)
  • Niagara Parks’ Botanical Gardens (FREE)
  • Floral Clock (FREE)
  • McFarland House (Children under 5 are FREE)
  • Bruce Trail Niagara Section (FREE)
  • 1812 Battle Re-Enactments at Old Fort Erie (FREE)
  • Happy Rolph’s Bird Sanctuary (FREE)
  • Niagara Parks Attractions (Children under 5 are FREE)
  • Welland Canal Lock 3 (FREE Admission, FREE Parking)
  • ST. CATHARINES MUSEUM (FREE Admission, FREE Parking)
  • Niagara Falls Fireworks (FREE)
  • Niagara Falls Illumination (FREE)
  • USA Niagara Falls State Park (FREE)
  • Niagara Falls The Scow Sand Barge and The Subchaser (FREE)
  • Niagara Escarpment – One of the world’s unique natural wonders (FREE)
  • The Wainfleet Bog bound by the Onondaga Escarpment (FREE)
  • Winter Festival of Lights Niagara Falls – Disney Displays (FREE)
  • Fort Erie Mewinzha Gallery – A Journey Back in Time (FREE)
  • Fort Erie Historical Museum (Admission by donation)
  • Fort Erie Railway Museum (Admission by donation)
  • Fort Erie Ridgeway Battlefield Site (FREE)
  • Fort Erie Race Track (FREE Admission and Parking)
  • Niagara Falls History Museum (FREE Admission Every Thursday Night)
  • Niagara District Art Association Public Art Gallery (FREE)
  • and more …