Crystal Beach – Natural beauty, specialty shopping, white sand beaches & colourful history (FREE)

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Historically known as a tourism mecca made famous in the late 1800’s by its boardwalks, bathhouses, majestic hotels, and a seemingly endless throngs of ferry passengers, Crystal Beach enjoyed a reputation as a destination like no other.

Roller-coasters, big band concerts, dancehalls, white sand beaches, and luxurious restaurants all combined to create a romantic and exciting atmosphere which would go unrivaled for almost a century.

On Labour Day, 1989, Crystal Beach’s most famous and transcendent landmark, the Crystal Beach Amusement Park was closed, ushering in a new era in Crystal Beach.

In recent years, Crystal Beach has begun to evolve into an enchanting mix of residents and businesses. A $60 million residential development, on the location of the former waterfront amusement park, has sparked the Beach, showcasing its wonderful quality of life. Community organizations, which have historically been very active in the Beach, also continue to play a part in the areas continuing development and growth, pumping over $4 million into public spaces.

Ideally located Crystal Beach’s population of 3,800 swells during the summer months from the thousands of “day trippers” and summer cottage residents enjoying its beaches and natural sites.

Today Crystal Beach offers a growing antique and specialty shop market, fine and casual dining, lakefront nightlife, convenience markets, and a charm that shall never wear off.

Come to Crystal Beach and enjoy its natural beauty, specialty shopping, white sand beaches and its colourful history.

ADDRESS: Bay Beach, 4155 Erie Road, Crystal Beach, Ontario, L0S 1B0

PARKING: There is limited free parking along Erie Road and three large paid parking lots at the entrance of Bay Beach. Parking is $2/hour or $5/day and is made available via a automated ‘Pay & Display’ machines located in the parking lots. Parking patrol is enforced. Please note that the ‘Pay & Display’ machines accept Canadian currency only.

HOURS: Bay Beach is closed from 11:00pm – 6:00am.

ENTRACE FEE: There is NO entrance fee for Bay Beach.

RULES & REGULATIONS: Alcohol, pets and BBQ’s* are NOT permitted at/on Bay Beach. * Permits to barbecue on/at Bay Beach are available for special occasions and/or large groups through the Town of Fort Erie. For more information, please contact Mr. Sean Hutton for further details: 905-871-1600 ext. 2430.