Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University USA (FREE)

Castellani Art Museum

The Castellani Art Museum serves as a cultural resource for Niagara University and its surrounding community and an attraction for regional and international tourists. Exhibitions of nationally known and emerging contemporary artists and traditional folk arts are presented each year. Artist talks, workshops and educational programming accompany each exhibition. Niagara County’s only collecting art museum, the Castellani has a permanent collection of over 5700 works of art, including well known artists such as Picasso, Miro, Dali, Calder, Nevelson, Warhol and many others. Admission is always free.

Situated at the center of Niagara University, the Castellani Art Museum is dedicated to the enjoyment and educational potential of the visual arts. Niagara County’s only collecting museum, the museum’s permanent collection includes of over 5500 pieces of mostly modern and contemporary art. The museum is dedicated to the professional care and preservation of this artwork. Efforts are underway to provide access to the collection and its documentation.

Public accessibility requires clear, comprehensive interpretive materials and associated presentations concerning contemporary art and related issues. Special efforts are underway to promote the Museum and its programs beyond the University to the surrounding community in Niagara County and the Western New York area as well as to national and international visitors.

In keeping with Niagara University’s Vincentian ethic, the museum recognizes and serves the diverse racial, ethnic, and religious communities of the Niagara region through the organization and presentation of exhibitions which honor and explore their artistic traditions and contemporary output. In addition to presenting diverse artistic expressions, the museum works in partnerships to explore and redefine the relationship between the museum and its diverse constituencies.

As a university museum, the Castellani Art Museum is dedicated to serving the educational needs of the community, working with Niagara University faculty on integrative learning projects for college students and providing art education programs for area schools and cultural organizations. The museum staff works with educators to develop art based learning porgrams that help to promote critical thinking.

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Address: Castellani Art Museum | PO Box 1938 | Niagara University, NY 14109-1938