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Latest Real Estate Report for Niagara Falls Real Estate Investment

Niagara Falls is located in Southern Ontario. It is a vibrant city just one and a half hours from Toronto and 45 minutes from the United States. According to the Ministry of Finance, ‘The population of Central Ontario is projected to grow by 722,000 or 24.8 per cent, from 2.91 million in 2012 to 3.63 million in 2036.’ GET THE FACTS ! Before you invest in any city you need … Read more »

What You Should Know before Moving to Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a small vibrant city located in the heart of the Niagara Region. When it comes to quality of life, Niagara Falls has other communities beat. Where else can you enjoy all the amenities of a large urban centre in a comfortable, livable community? If you are new to Niagara Falls or planning your move, get started here: Real Estate Job Opportunities Schools Recreation Local Utilities Real Estate … Read more »

(Annual Event) Dragon Boat Festival – Welland’s premier water sports event

No experience necessary! Try this amazing team-building activity. This year’s festival will take place June 5 and 6, practice for teams June 5, followed by race day June 6! In 2002, community partners presented the first Welland Dragon Boat Festival. Twenty-four teams and 600 competitors took part in the inaugural event. The second annual Welland Dragon Boat Festival, held in 2003, had with 1,500 participants and in 2004 over 2000 competitors … Read more »

Niagara Falls is one of the Top 3 Largest Waterfalls in the world

The top 3 largest waterfalls in the world refer to Iguassu Falls which is at the junction of Brazil and Argentina, Victoria Falls which is at the junction of eastern Zambia and Zimbabwe as well as Niagara Falls which is at the junction of United States and Canada. The three falls in terms of width, size, flow rate far exceeds that of other waterfalls, and all of them are transnational … Read more »