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Niagara Floral Clock (FREE) – One of the biggest attractions in Niagara Falls second to the Falls themselves

This unique attraction is a very popular stop on the Niagara Parkway and is photographed almost as often as the Falls! The planted face is maintained by Niagara Parks horticulture staff, while the mechanism is kept in working order by Ontario Hydro, the organization that originally built the clock. The intricate designs on the face of the timepiece are created with up to 16,000 carpet bedding plants. The floral design … Read more »

The Keg Steakhouse and Bar® at Niagara Falls Embassy Suites

Dine overlooking Niagara Falls in The Keg Steakhouse and Bar®. Enjoy exquisite dining overlooking the majestic Niagara Falls. This incredible restaurant offers guests floor to ceiling panoramic views of the famous Falls, providing guests with a dining experience they will remember for a long time and unparalleled views of Niagara Falls from virtually every table in the dining room. The warm comfortable atmosphere that is typically found in a Keg … Read more »