2013-05-18 Spring in the Glen Tour with Friends of the Glen (FREE guided tours)


Spring in the Glen Tour with Friends of the Glen
May 18, 2013
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Free guided tours led by Parks Naturalists. Discover the natural beauty of spring in the Niagara Glen. Proper footwear required. Call 905-354-6678 for more information.

Spring is in the Air at the Niagara Glen Nature Trails

Niagara Falls, ON – The Niagara Parks Commission (NPC), in partnership with the Friends of the Niagara Glen and the Niagara Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC), are pleased to announce the return of the ‘Spring in the Niagara Glen’ guided hiking tours and star-gazing event on Saturday, May 18.

Hiking Tours
At both 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., guests are invited to take part in free guided hikes into the magnificent Niagara Glen to explore and experience the blooms of elusive rare and unique spring ephemerals (flowers), along with the return of local birds and other wildlife. Spring ephemerals, such as Red and White Trilliums, Wild Columbine and Dutchman’s Breeches, are only in bloom for a short period of time each spring. From week to week, the variety of blooming wildflowers is constantly changing so you never know what you may discover.

Guided hikes last approximately 1-1.5 hours and require proper footwear suitable for rugged terrain. There will be plenty of opportunities to take photographs. Please ensure that you remain on marked trails and adhere to the “leave no trace” principles when dealing with our environment.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Activities
Between 1 – 3 p.m., visitors will be able to safely view the sun through “sun-scopes” while members of RASC will provide participants with a better understanding of our closest star. RASC astronomers will be on hand to answer all of your ‘burning’ questions about the sun and stars.

Later in the day, beginning at approximately 8 p.m. if the skies are clear, telescopes will be set up for nighttime viewing of the sky. Visitors should be able to see the International Space Station, meteors (shooting stars), northern lights, the moon, neighbouring planets and much, much more. A laser guided tour of the night sky will be provided to help locate many of the remarkable stars and constellations. If skies are clouded over, RASC members’ will provide an astronomy presentation in the comfort of the Niagara Glen Nature Centre.

All activities will be starting from the Niagara Glen Nature Centre which will be open for the day as well. The Niagara Glen Nature Centre is located at 3050 Niagara Parkway, across from the Whirlpool Golf Course.

About the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Since it was founded in 1890, the RASC has fulfilled a special role in both amateur and professional astronomy. Today, it has almost 5,000 members who share a passion for the night sky and make contributions to astronomy in many ways. The Niagara Centre, which is one of 27 Centres of the RASC, has been bringing astronomy to the citizens of the Niagara Region since 1960.

About The Niagara Parks Commission
NPC is committed to a vision of Ontario’s Niagara Parks as one that Preserves a rich heritage, Conserves natural wonders, and Inspires people world-wide. Founded in 1885, The Niagara Parks Commission is an Operational Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Its mission is to protect the natural and cultural heritage along the Niagara River for the enjoyment of visitors while maintaining financial self-sufficiency.